Setting up your BHSU Account

Step by Step Account Activation

At BHSU, you will have one main account. This account is your email and it will allow you to log into the email system, campus computers, the library system, and D2L. Following this guide will help you access your account for the first time.

***IMPORTANT*** Your account will not be active for 1-2 business days after initial acceptance at BHSU

  1. First, we will find your username and set your password. To do this, open in a web browser (EDGE, Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, etc.)
  2. Click the "Reset Password" button

3. The next screen will ask for your last name and birth date. Please make sure you enter your birth date in the correct format MMDDYYYY (no slashes or hyphens) and then select the checkbox verifying you are not a robot 

4. After entering your information, select email verification. If you received an error on this screen, please contact the Help Desk by filling out this form

5. You will have a message displayed that includes the first letter of your alternative email address and part of the email domain. i.e. r************@g****.com, please log into your alternative email address

5. In your alternative email account, find the email from BHSU HelpDesk with the subject BHSU Forgotten Password Verification. If not in your main inbox, check your junk or spam folder as well. 

6. The email will display your BHSU email address (usually, take note of your BHSU email and then select the "Click Here" link

7. A new screen will open asking for a new password and will also display the password requirements. Please type in a new password and then click the Change Password button

*** DO NOT USE A RECOMMEND PASSWORD FROM YOUR BROWSER *** You will need to know this password for logging in both on and off campus

8. Once your password is accepted, you will see a progress bar while your password is changed. Once that bar finishes, your new password is active. You will now need to enroll in duo. 

9. Go to one of these links: D2L , Email , SNAP

10. Log in using your BHSU email ( and the password you set

11. 'Protect Your Black Hills State University Account' should pop up. Click 'Start setup' to get started!

12. Select which device you are adding

13. Enter your phone number 

14. Select you entered the correct phone number

15. Select what type of phone you have

16. Install DUO or, if you already do have it downloaded, select "I have Duo Mobile"

17. Follow the directions listed under the QR code or select 'Email me an activation link instead'

18. Once properly activating your account in DUO mobile, you should receive a green checkmark. Click Continue.

19. Verify the settings of your account are correct, save if needed, and then click 'Back to Login'

20. Either Send Me a Push and confirm(check your app for a notification) OR Enter a passcode(the 6-digit code inside of your app)

This should grant you access into your account!

Practice logging into your BHSU Email, D2L, and MyBHSU

Click Here to walk through Logging into your BHSU Email

Click Here to walk through Logging into D2L

Click Here to walk through Logging into MyBHSU

Please submit a ticket if you need further assistance


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