Setting up your BHSU Account

Step by Step Account Activation

At BHSU, you will have one main account. This account is your email and it will allow you to log into the email system, campus computers, the library system, and D2L. Following this guide will help you access your account for the first time.

1. First you will need to activate your email. Once you have been fully accepted to BHSU, you can reset your password for your email.

Click Here to walk through Activating Your Email

2. Next you will want to set up your Duo Mobile Two Factor Authentication App. Without this app, you will not be able to log in to any of your BHSU Accounts.

Click Here to walk through activating your Duo Mobile App

3. Practice logging into your BHSU Email, D2L, and MyBHSU

Click Here to walk through Logging into your BHSU Email

Click Here to walk through Logging into D2L

Click Here to walk through Logging into MyBHSU

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I set up DUO?

I am new to BHSU, how do I access my account?

I do not remember my email password; how do I change it?

How do I reset my email password if it is expired?

Please submit a ticket if you need further assistance


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