Account Activation/ Password Reset


Your University username and password provides you with access to many resources.  There are two options for resetting your password, depending on whether you know your current password or not:

If you remember your current password 
If you do not know your password 
  • To protect your privacy and data from being compromised,  it is essential that you:
    • Choose a unique password that you have never used for any other sites
    • Choose a password that will be difficult for others to guess
    • Enroll in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Click Here
      • What is Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Click Here
  • The following requirements have been put in place to help you in creating a strong secure password:
    • Password is case sensitive
    • Must be at least 15 characters long
    • Must not include part of your name or user name
    • Must include at least 3 of the following types of characters
      1. Upper case (ABCD)
      2. Lower case (abcd)
      3. Number (1234)
      4. Symbol (!@#$)
Available To

BHSU Faculty, Staff, Students, and Volunteers if required for their volunteer duties


Section 7:2 Password Requirements

SDBOR Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems Policy 7:1

Password Reset


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