Scheduling Zoom Meetings in Outlook


How do I schedule a zoom meeting in Outlook?

Can I schedule a zoom meeting for another host?



  1. Open Outlook
    1. Most university devices have the Zoom Plug-in. If you do not download the plug-in from software center. 
  2. Navigate to your calendar and select "Schedule a Meeting"
  3. This should populate the zoom meeting setup. Complete this information as you normally would. 
  4. Your zoom meeting should populate in your event details area

If you need to schedule a zoom for another user: 

  1. Follow the scheduling privilege PDF guide to learn about scheduling for another user. You can also follow these steps to schedule for another user in the Outlook plug-in.
  2. Schedule a meeting using the Outlook plug-in.
  3. While in the calendar event window, click Change Settings in the toolbar.

  1. Click the Schedule For check box, then select the user you want to schedule the meeting for.
  2. Note: If you want to allow someone else to manage your Outlook calendar, refer to the Office 365 support site.


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