Wired Network Assistance



This service is to provide assistance connecting to the University's wired network and for reporting any connection issues. The wired network refers to any device using an Ethernet cable that plugs directly into a wall port (or "wall jack"). 

  • Access to Knowledge Base articles for quick troubleshooting
  • Ability to request assistance with connecting to the wired network 
  • Reporting wired-related connectivity issues
  • Troubleshooting wired network issues, such as slow connection speeds
  • Collection of pertinent information 
  • Ability to track progress of reported issue
  • Scheduling time for troubleshooting 
Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Students


Please note that personal routers are not allowed on campus. A wall port will be disabled if a personal router is detected. 

Ethernet Activation/Configuration


Service ID: 33
Wed 6/22/22 4:00 PM
Fri 5/26/23 11:56 AM