Druva is a data backup software used by Black Hills State University to ensure the safety and accessibility of data on campus-owned devices. This essential tool is available to all full-time faculty and staff, providing a safety net for instances where device data becomes inaccessible due to accidents or hardware failures.

The initial backup comprehensively saves all data present on the device. Subsequent backups are incremental, capturing only changes made since the last backup. This efficient method ensures data integrity while optimizing storage space and processing time.

Druva is configured to automatically back up devices several times daily. In the event of a backup failure, the Help Desk is alerted. Should backup failures persist, the Help Desk team will reach out to you to schedule a time for troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Data Recovery: Enables the recovery of files lost in incidents, ensuring continuity of work and data integrity.
  • Automatic and Incremental Backups: Regular, automatic backups that efficiently store only new or altered data since the last backup.
Available To

Full Time Faculty & Staff


Eligibility: This service is exclusively available to full-time faculty and staff members who have been issued a device by the University. It is designed to support these users by ensuring their data is securely backed up.

Request Procedure: Installation requests for Druva should be made through the Jacket Connect Services portal or by contacting the Help Desk. The installation typically takes about 15 minutes. However, depending on the volume of data, the initial backup may take up to a day. Users can continue to work on their devices while the initial backup is in progress.

Data Backup: The initial backup will cover data within designated areas on your device. Subsequent backups occur hourly, starting after the last completed backup. 

Compliance: It is essential for users to save files within the designated areas that Druva covers for a backup. Files saved outside these areas will not be included in the backup, potentially leading to data loss. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these designated areas to ensure their data is fully protected.


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