Connecting to BHSU-Guest Wifi


How do I connect to BHSU-Guest?

Why can't I connect to BHSU-Guest?


  • Phone, tablet, or personal computer



Connecting to the BHSU Wireless with your Mobile Device:

  1. Using the wireless on your device, connect to the “BHSU-Guest” network
  2. Open a web browser – i.e. Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.
  3. If you are not directed to our SafeConnect login, go to an off-campus website like and you will be redirected shortly
  4. Once you are on our SafeConnect website, you will be prompted to log in

    • Click "Request a Guest Account.
    • Fill in your email address, name, and cell phone number, and click “Continue”

  1. Check your cell phone and/or your email to get the access code.

  1. Click “Continue” on the device to which you are requesting access.
  2. Input your username and the password from the email or text into the field provided and click “Continue.”
  3. You are now connected to the network for 30 Days

Please submit a ticket if you need further assistance

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