D2L Missing Classes


My classes are not showing up in my D2L.

Where do I find my classes in D2L?


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  1. Log in to D2L
  2. Click on the arrow next to My Courses to see a list of your courses.

If you do not see your class listed under My Courses before the first day of class, do not worry. Per SDBOR policy, instructors can optionally allow access to a course up to 30 days prior to the official start date of the course, as reflected in Registration Self Service.

This access period is designed to allow students to log into the course and orient themselves to its structure, and to resolve access, procedural, or technical issues prior to the start of the semester. Students are NOT required to access any course prior to the start of the semester. This access period is merely provided as a convenience. 

If you do not have access to a course on the start date of the course, first, contact the instructor of the course directly, not the campus help desk. 

You can find your professor's contact information on the Campus Directory

Please submit a ticket if you need further assistance logging in to D2L


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