Updating Existing Java JRE Machines with SCCM


You need to update Amazon Corretto (Java JRE) in bulk on any machines that have it using SCCM.


  • SCCM


JRE has many vulnerabilities when it is out of date


  1. Download Windows x86 version of the JRE and make sure to select the MSI as well from this website: Releases ยท corretto/corretto-8 (github.com) - make sure it is x86 and the JRE!
  2. Once downloaded, make a folder for the version here: \\bhsu-share\software\Amazon Corretto
  3. Paste the MSI installer into the newly created folder
  4. In SCCM, go to Software Library ->Application Management -> Applications -> Select the Amazon Corretto subfolder
  5. Click Create Application at the top
  6. Select browse and go to your new folder and select the MSI file
  7. Click Next
  8. Click next
  9. Change the name by adding the minor version after the 8 - i.e. Amazon Corretto JRE 8.402 (x86), click next
  10. Click next
  11. Click close
  12. Right click on the application you just made and go to properties
  13. Select the Distribution Settings tab
  14. Select the radial to Automatically download content and click apply and OK
  15. Right-click on the application you made and select Deploy
  16. Browse the collection and switch the drop down from User Collection to Device Collection
  17. Select the Java Groups folder
  18. Select the Java 8 Update Group collection and click ok
  19. Click next
  20. Click the Add drop-down and select Distribution Point Group
  21. Select the All campus group and click ok and next
  22. Switch the dropdown from Available to Required
  23. Click next
  24. Click next
  25. Click the drop-down and select Display in Software Center and only show notifications for computer restarts
  26. Check the software installation checkbox
  27. Click next
  28. Next, next close
  29. Now, go back to the previous Corretto deployment and click on it
  30. Select the Deployments tab at the bottom and right click on it and select Delete
  31. Lastly, notify Ryan that you updated Amazon Corretto so that he can also install the new version on BHSU-SPEC


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