Move Face-To-Face Courses Online To D2l

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A resource for your students - BHSU Tips for Online Learning

Steps to Teach Online

Every course section that is taught at BHSU has a D2L course shell readily available for Faculty. (If you have any issues finding a section on D2L, please contact Anne Stevens.)

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! Provide your students with detailed information about how the course will proceed.

  • Login
  • Create a News Item about the change
  • Change Time Zone - Remember to change the Time Zone. D2L will automatically adjust assignment submission due dates/times to the course’s time zone. D2L is by default set to ‘GMT:6:00 United States - Chicago'
  • Add Course Materials 
  • Activate the course - if you haven’t done so already.
    • You should also email your students so they are aware that they need to login to D2L now.

Through online teaching, using tools under each of the following tabs in D2L, you can accomplish the student learning outcomes.


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