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Step by Step Instructions / Short Videos / Resources / Nuggets for certain features of Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system, integrated software and course design. 

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Access to BHSU Resources Grades - Grade All - Give all students the same number of points in few clicks
Activate D2L Course
(Instructions from Anne Stevens)
Grades - Grade Scheme
Audio / Video Lectures - Things to Remember Grades - Upload Grades from Excel
Audio / Video - Record in D2L Discussions (12 seconds screen capture video) Group Discussion or Set up Groups 
Audio / Video in D2L (Updated) / (older D2L version - Record in D2L Dropbox (10 seconds screen capture video) Intelligent Agent - Set D2L to send emails automatically to students | Create an Intelligent Agent (3:02 minutes) | Intelligent Agent Practice Run (1:12 minutes) | Templates to download
'BHSU Course Info' in D2L Manage Files
BHSU Getting Started - Link the Course Syllabus News
Calendar OneDrive - Collaboration
Change Roles - Instructor to Student OneDrive - Delete Group
Change Time Zone Quiz
Checklist Quiz - Blindly Grade Students' Responses For Quiz Questions
Classlist Quiz - Provide Feedback
Class Engagement - Resource from D2L Quiz ‐ Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor
Class Progress  / Resource from D2L Quiz - Statistics
Content - Add Course Materials to D2L  / 14 seconds screen capture video Quiz - Submission Views - Allow students to view questions answered incorrectly, correctly etc. after submitting (Additional step-by-step resource)
Content - Add Course Syllabus to D2L Respondus (for PC only not for a MAC) - Install (if you are installing on your personal laptop / computer)
Content - Bulk Edit Respondus - Publisher's Test Bank
Content - Module Respondus - Retrieve questions from D2L & Print
Content - Overview Respondus - Sample .txt file
Discuss Respondus - Upload Quiz into D2L
Dropbox - students to submit assignments  Rubrics (D2L Resource) - Create a Rubric 
Dropbox - Associate an Existing Grade item  (23 seconds screen capture video) Use 2nd Camera on Zoom to show your handwriting (Resources from Jesse Shelbourn) - Send an email to 'Jesse.Shelbourn@bhsu.edu' with questions Zoom 
Dropbox - Bulk Download / Provide Feedback / Upload Zoom - Access Zoom recordings in D2L
Dropbox - Provide Special Access to an Entire Section when teaching two different courses in the same D2L Course Shell - Example: SPED 460 and SPED 560 Zoom - Set Zoom to Automatically Record (0:13 minutes)
Dropbox - Turnitin Zoom - Enable Cloud Recording Audio Transcript (0:20 minutes)
Dropbox - Turnitin - Student View Similarity Source  
Embed Video  
Embed Zoom Recording   
Grades - Display Final Grade in the beginning of the Semester for students to keep track of their progress  
Grades - Display Midterm Grade - helps determine Midterm Deficient Academic Progress Report  


Add Existing Activities feature in D2L - Make the course more user-friendly.
Audio / Video - Record Audio/Video in D2L
Any New Technology - Introduce at the beginning of the semester - make it easy both for the instructors and students.  
Any Larger Assignment -  Break any larger assignment into smaller parts for completion - make it easy both for the instructors and students.  
Badge - Award a Badge automatically in D2L for students' accomplishments / D2L Resource / Watch a 2.02 minute video
Bulk Download from D2L Dropbox to download selected or all submitted assignments
Bulk Edit in D2L - Use the feature to edit several items all at the same time
Change Role to be a student - Test your own course as a student
Consistent Titles in D2L Course
Course Schedule in D2L
Course Schedule in the Course Syllabus - Follow a pattern.
Discussions Online for asynchronous interaction
Discuss - '@mentions' - Students can tag their classmates in D2L Discussions
Discuss - 'Availability' Option' - Allow students to read and review the descriptions of discussions before the start date/time and allow students to refer to the submissions after the end date/time
Discuss - Easier to Grade - Associate either a grade item &/or a rubric to make it easier to grade
Discuss - Points & Grades - Best Practices
Discuss - 'Start a Thread' - 'Users must start a thread before they can read and reply to other threads'
Discussion - Two parts - Initial Response & Participation
Dropbox - Email users without submissions
Embed YouTube Videos in D2L - Help students watch YouTube videos in D2L
Embed Zoom Video Recording in D2L - Help students watch Zoom video recordings in D2L
Intelligent Agent(s) - Set D2L to send emails automatically to students
Grades - 'Export' - Download a copy of the grades that are available in D2L
Grades - Spreadsheet View - Add/modify points for all students and all assignments on the same page
News  feature in D2L for announcements
Notifications in D2L
Personalize D2L Course with Student's Name
Release Conditions in D2L - to restrict access to course materials, an assessment or a grade item
Rubrics in D2L - to use with Discussions and Dropbox folders
Text Editor in D2L -  Format, Insert links, etc.
Time Zone in D2L - avoid confusion about deadlines
Track & View Students' Activity Progress & Achievement in D2L (Class Engagement & Class Progress tools)
Track Documents Accessed in 'News' & 'BHSU Getting Started widget'
Turnitin - D2L Dropbox - Help students improve their writing skills on their own
'Search' in D2L
Student Learning Outcomes - Use Measurable Action Verbs.
'Quick Eval' in D2L - A single location to view all submissions awaiting evaluation
Quiz - Accommodations - With a few clicks, grant extra time to students to complete the quizzes
Quiz - Due, Start & End Dates/Times
Quiz - Randomize Questions so every student's exam is different
Quiz - Submission Views - Allow students to see the questions answered incorrectly, correctly etc. after submitting the quiz.
Quiz - Statistics - USER Stats / D2L Resource
Quiz - Statistics - QUESTION Stats / D2L Resource
Quiz - Statistics - QUESTION DETAILS Stats / D2L Resource
'Updates' feature on D2L Course Home
'Work To Do' widget on D2L Homepage available for students ONLY
Zoom - Personalized meeting link
Zoom - Participants Information





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