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How do I connect to the VPN? 

How do I gain access to VPN?


  • Windows or MAC computers
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  • Shared Drives
  • Off-Campus Employees


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VPN allows authorized users and devices to remotely connect to the BHSU network from any location with an Internet connection. With this capability, users can securely access network resources as if they were physically on campus. Follow these instructions to download, install, and configure the new client.

  1. Begin by navigating to https://vpn.bhsu.edu and logging in with your network credentials.
  2. Click the link to download the Windows or Mac GlobalProtect agent for 64-bit.
  3. Open the installer package and follow the prompts to install GlobalProtect.
  4. Once GlobalProtect is installed, a globe icon will appear in your system tray. Click this icon.
  5. At the Welcome to GlobalProtect pop-up, type in vpn.bhsu.edu 
  6. Click the Connect button. Provide your username and password in the form of firstname.lastname and then your password and click Sign In
    1. NOTE: If you use a DUO token instead of the DUO mobile app, you will need additional info. In the password field, type your current password, then a comma, then the code that shows on your hardware token. So, your password will look something like this: Supersecretpswd,123456
  7. Approve the DUO push
  8. The GlobalProtect icon will then show a checkmark indicating your connection has been established.
  9. Now that you’ve configured the connection, any time you need to connect VPN, you can simply click on the GlobalProtect icon located at the bottom right of your PC and choose Connect from the context menu. When you are done using the VPN, select Disconnect from this menu.
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