Password Expired


How do I fixed my expired password?


  • User Accounts
  • BHSU Email


Faculty, Staff, and Students who have not changed their password to the perpetual


  1. Please open a web browser and go to:
  2. Enter your entire BHSU email address and the expiring/expired password and click “Sign in”.
  3. If prompted, set up your three security questions as it may be the first-time logging into the password self-service portal. Click “Save Responses” and then “Continue.”
  4. If your password has yet to expire, but you would like to change it click “Change Password”. If it has expired, skip this step.
  5. Enter a new and confirmed password (be sure to read the requirements listed below)
    1. Password is case sensitive
    2. Must be at least 15 characters long
    3. Must not include part of your name, user name, or common phrase
    4. Must include at least 3 of the following types of characters:
      • Upper case (ABCD)
      • Lower case (abcd)
      • Number (1234)
      • Symbol (!@#$)
  6. Click “Change Password”
  7. A progress bar will appear and run until the new password has been accepted and successfully changed. 
  8. You will now be able to login to your BHSU email, D2L, SNAP, BHSU network and any campus computers with these credentials (BHSU email and email password).
Please submit a ticket if you need further assistance


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